Sai Oua

grilled pork sausage / aromatic spices / fresh herbs / peanuts

Fragrant, funky, and deeply delicious, Chef Su Hill's Sai Oua sausage recipe is based on the spicy Northern Thai sausage of her native Chiang Mai, Thailand. The sausage are very slowly grilled, and served with fresh ginger, cilantro, peppers, and toasted peanuts. Light and aromatic kaffir lime, coriander, galangal, and lemongrass lift the fatty pork, creating something quite special, indeed. It is also delicious when served with linguine in our Sai Oua Linguine shared plate.

Gaeng Hung Lay

braised curry chicken or pork / fresh garlic & ginger

Gaeng Hung Lay is one of the tastiest dishes of Chiang Mai – an iconic plate of chicken or pork stewed in herbs and spices. It’s a dish of tender, fatty pieces of meat served with a rich and aromatic sauce to impress. This dish originally came to Northern Thailand via Myanmar, which has a lot of Indian influences in its cuisine. This is why there are a lot of spices in this recipe. If you like Indian food, you will like Gaeng Hung Lay.

Pad Woon Sen Chicken

cellophane noodles / tomato / cabbage / onions / fried egg

This sautéed dish mixes chicken and cellophane noodles with cabbage, red and green onions, and tomatoes in a light garlic sauce.

Larb Khua

sautéed spicy minced pork / vegetables

Larb Khua is a sauté of minced pork with a family specialty spice, served with fresh herbs, steamed rice, and fresh vegetables. In Thailand, it is eaten either with rice or as a lettuce wrap with deep-fried pork rinds.

Khao Soi

chicken / yellow curry broth / egg noodles / condiments

Full of flavor and aromatic, Khao Soi is a rich and creamy dish that combines chicken in a yellow curry broth with noodles. It is very popular in Chiang Mai and sold in most noodle shops throughout the city. Probably the most iconic Chiang Mai-style dish and a family favorite

Mi Krop

crispy rice vermicelli / tofu / citrus glaze / fresh scallions / cilantro / bean sprouts / sliced oranges

Influenced by Chinese cuisine, this Thai dish name means "crispy noodles" and is made with rice noodles topped with a sweet citrus glaze. The dish originally featured a type of citrus fruit which is hard to find now. Mi Krop can be served as an entree, a snack or an appetizer.

Khai Luk Khoei

crispy hard boiled eggs / sweet tamarind sauce

Also called son-in-law eggs, Khai Luk Khoei is a traditional dish from Thailand. Peeled, hard-boiled eggs are fried in hot oil and then sliced in half and drizzled with a sweet tamarind sauce.

Pad Naam

sauteed freshly made sour Thai sausage / sweet onions / eggs / hot peppers

Pad Naam is simpley home cooking at its best. Made with juicy chopped fermented pork sausage, sweet onions, eggs, and hot peppers, it is a favorite in the Chiang Mai region.

Yum Jin Gai

pulled chicken / spicy broth / Thai herbs / steamed rice or rice noodles

Think of the best pulled chicken soup you've had – steaming hot, rich, comforting and soul-satisfying to the core – combined with the complex fragrance of fresh Thai herbs.